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Yet another downloader program ?

Maybe. The reason for me to write my own youtube downloader software was missing really usable browser, i.e. Firefox, integration. I don't want to install another plugin into my browser and I did't want to have the browser content changed by another software. The way I download videos from youtube is storing the video link as bookmark or drop links into my downloader and when I have collected a bunch of links I want to get them downloaded later without any further action. This downloader program works independently from any other software and must not be installed as browser plugin or so.

Using this downloader program is very simlpe.

Either drag and drop any links from youtube to the downloader to get the links stored.



Or use a firefox bookmark folder, lets say "videos", to store video links.







 This bookmark folder can be selected as links source input for the downloader program.


Furthermore a bookmarks folder for moving links after successful download can be specified. If a Firefox bookmark folder, let's say, old_2015_03_10 is configured, downloaded links will be moved there. The result is shown after restarting Firefox, for the bookmark database is updated initially after restart by Firefox only. Youtube links from configured Firefox bookmarks folder are copied into downloader and are then ready to download.




download youtubeDL.exe installer (64 bit)


download youtubeDL.exe installer (32 bit)