Dome construction Software

This software is for constructing geodesic domes. Actually you need to have Autocad rel. 12, 13, 14, Intellicad 2000, Intellicad 7.2 or ProgeCAD 2013 installed on your computer to run this software. If you are interested in purchasing dome software please send me an email with the version you need. Other Autcad versions can be supported too.


    After having installed the software package and started Progecad/Autocad, an additinal Menu appeares : domes. This menu allows you to construct domes and manage data of prevoiusly created domes.
    Constructing domes is easy : first specify dome parameters like frequency, layers, colors, raiser or choose existing parameters from the database. Then just give a center point and a point for distance and direction.
    The desired dome geometric data will be calculated and displayed.
    Entered dome parameter data is saved in a relational database for further usage. This way, each dome parameters can be retrieved easily later or used for constructing more domes of the same type.
Take a look to another example to see one more advanced feature : each constructed dome element can be removed to get openings for windows or doors.
    Geometric information about constructed domes can be retrieved from database and is permanently available.
    After all, output data for creating partlists, calculating prices and building instructions are available.


further information is available here :

download ProgeCAD 2013 from here :

download MDome application software for ProgeCAD 2012 / 2013 (zipfile)
download MDome application software for ProgeCAD 2012 / 2013 (rar file)